Moncayo, magical to our ancestors from Iberian times mountain, is the most prominent height of Iberian. His almost-perpetual snow have been perfect setting of many legends and myths since time immemorial.
Becquer was at its corners several of his most famous legends, such as "The Gnome", "Green Eyes" or "La Corza Blanca". Moreover, their charming villages maintain customs and traditions that are lost in the mists of time ...

Moncayo has an impressive plant richness, highlighting beech, oak, pine, junipers, kermes, oak, poplar and various bushes mountain. To a lesser extent, and in areas with high humidity are poplar, ash and birch.
Hunting has been practiced in the Moncayo for thousands of years because of its rich fauna, which include wild boars, rabbits, deer, deer and foxes. You can also find several species of birds including partridges, jays, hawks, eagles and vultures. visit the Interpretation Center Agramonte or Añon is recommended to learn more about these data.

Moncayo also offers the ability to perform many activities in nature such as:

  • Hiking and mountain biking (bike) in its many roads, especially the GR-90.
  • Climb to the summit in good weather and a minimum physical condition, anyone can do.
  • Mycology (mushroom picking), among which the famous rovellón or revollón.
  • Climbing, caving, horse riding and many activities in nature.

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